Memorial Room of EA Cernan opened in 1994 is located in the municipal office building right in the center of Vysoká nad Kysucou. The Memorial Room was established on the occasion of the visit of EA Cernan (called the Appolo of Kysuce) - a grandson of Stephen and Anna born Lučanová in Slovakia. The memorial room was artistically designed by the painter Miroslav Cipár who used materials donated by EA Cernan.

The room is decorated with period photographs of Kysuce together with the documents from the life of EA Cernan, and with the remains of the Apollo 17 spacecraft as well as with the handwritten signature and a dedication from the "Apollo of Kysuce".

The memorial room of EA Cernan can be visited every working day from 7:15 to 15:15 pm. On the other days, it can be visited individually in the term agreed with the head of the Municipal Office in Vysoká nad Kysucou - Ing. Ladislav Kubačák - the phone contact 0905 507 064 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Currently, the memorial room is used for social events such as meetings of the municipal council, marriage ceremonies, children welcoming and as an exhibition hall.